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Enabling residents without off-street parking to install their own discreet Trojan charger on the pavement outside their property

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If you currently own an electric vehicle (or will own one by February 2022) but do not have access to off-street parking, you could be eligible to have an Aon Charger installed at your property as part of the DoorSTEP trial. The video below will help you work out if your property would be suitable for an Aon Charger.

The link below the video will take you to an interactive map of the trial recruitment areas. You will need to live in one of these five areas in Brent and Oxfordshire to take part in the trial.

If you meet these criteria, click on the link at the bottom of the page and apply to take part in the trial. Successful applicants will receive the following:

  • An AON CHARGER installed in the street outside your home
  • A free Trojan Energy Lance for connecting your car to the chargepoint
  • The ability to use your home domestic electricity to charge your vehicle - this is typically cheaper than public charge points and much more convenient

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Supported by Innovate UK and funded by OZEV