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EV charging solutions that benefit all
citizens as well as EV owners

Trojan for Councils

Weʼve seen the challenge councils are up against when trying to resolve differing public opinions. Thatʼs why weʼve worked with councils, disability groups, EV owners, and conservation planners to develop the Trojan charging system.

  • By installing 15 charge points we remove the need for dedicated bays. Yes this has some financial impact in the short term, but in the long term itʼs better for all, councils, consumers, residents and Operators. This removes planning challenges and drives EV uptake.
  • By removing the permanent physical loss of pavement space, EV drivers no longer contribute to pavement clutter. Pavements are for people not posts.
  • Our system allows neighbourhoods without off street charging, or with street lights on the wrong side of the pavement for charge points, to also benefit from the Net-Zero transition.

Currently, the Office for Zero Emission vehicles (OZEV) provide significant funding for on-street charging infrastructure. This allows for installation of charge points at no cost to councils with an ongoing and growing revenue stream.

If you are interested in Charging towards Net-Zero with us then get in touch.



Charging confidence

With 15 chargepoints per installation, the system is designed to allow some “ICEing” (where internal combustion cars park on a chargepoint bay) and by doing so encourages the uptake of EVs whilst reducing planning tension.


Less Pavement Clutter

When EV drivers are not charging, the lance can be removed and the pavement will be flat and flush. Pavements are for people, not posts.


Save time, money & effort

It only takes 10 seconds to connect your lance and plug in your car. With everything pre-programmed in your personal lance, there's no need to open any apps or dish out your payment details. Just plug in and charge with competitive smart charging options.


Reduce Resident Tension

There's no requirement for marked bays as there's plenty of connectors. We will install 15 at a time so there's less impact on residents. Over time, our system will help encourage EV adoption through community acceptance & benefits.


Quick change-outs

Repairs to faulty charge points are undertaken off site and can be replaced within 15-20 minutes, minimising any down time.

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