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On street EV charging

on your doorstep

Benefits for the EV Driver

The Trojan lance enables flat and flush connectors to be set in the pavement with no visual impact when not in use. The lance gives EV drivers the power not just reduce their CO2 footprint and air pollution, but also the impact of the chargers themselves on your local community.

Whilst this is better for your community it also enables us to install on nearly all residential streets, getting as close to you as possible to deliver maximum convenience. This design also enables the installation of fifteen chargers for one cabinet substantially increasing the availability of chargers and reducing pavement clutter.

Our cloud arbitrated charging gives you to flexibility to choose charging preferences such Smart charging overnight at the cheapest cost, or rapidly at peak time at higher cost, if desired. Convenience, Competitive Costs and Charger availability. If you want all three for EV charging on your street then read further to see how you can help.

How do I get this installed on my street?

Trojan Energy and other EV charging companies cannot install on your street without permission. EV charge point installations are typically managed by the transport planning team at your local council because they own and maintain the pavements.

Councils record every request for EV chargers and try to respond to demand where possible. Your council does not have to absorb any cost for installing the charger but there is a complicated planning process to work through, and they often have limited resources.

The increasing demand from the public for EV chargers is making this challenge harder for councils so it can take some time. There are three actions you can take which may accelerate EV charging on your street:

What can you do?


Speak to your Council

Contact your Council, transport planning team (or whoever is responsible for on-street EV charging in your area), and request an EV charger on your street. You can suggest our system but your council will rightly reserve the right to install different chargers. Without doing this, your council has very limited information on where to install.


Request an install

Fill in your details on the 'request an install' page. This feeds your information into our secure database. We will not use this system for anything other than determining charging clusters of requests and keeping you informed. When a charging cluster is identified, we will contact your council and make a case for installing our hardware.


Share this mission!

As other members of your community add their names and post codes, this will accelerate the building of a charging cluster in your area. Helping us understand where to concentrate our efforts.

Ready to Charge Towards Net-Zero?

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