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Charge Point Operators

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Trojan for Businesses

We are on a mission to build the worldʼs best on street charging technology but weʼve no intention of keeping it to ourselves. Ultimately a charging network must be profitable in order to drive the investment required to wean our cities from fossil fuels.

Trojan is committed to continually driving costs down and developing technology deployed on our own network then offering these savings and technology improvements to our UK worldwide business partners. We believe we can build a charging ecosystem which crosses the chasm to profitability without subsidy.

If you are interested in building your own profitable network then we need you on our team. We want partners who will share our goal of charging for all. If youʼre interested in working with us, licensing our technologies, or installing equipment please get in touch to discuss the options.

If you simply want to hear more about our patented flat and flush charging hardware or our cloud arbitrated and distributed charging system then get in touch.



Charging confidence

With 15 chargepoints per installation, the system is designed to allow some “ICEing” (where internal combustion cars park on a chargepoint bay) and by doing so encourages the uptake of EVs whilst reducing planning tension.


Less Pavement Clutter

When EV drivers are not charging, the lance can be removed and the pavement will be flat and flush. Pavements are for people, not posts.


Save time, money & effort

It only takes 10 seconds for your customers to connect their lance and plug into the car. With everything pre-programmed in the lance, there's no need to open any apps or dish out your payment details. Just plug in and charge with competitive smart charging options.


Reduce Resident Tension

There's no requirement for marked bays as there's plenty of connectors. We will install 15 at a time so there's less impact on residents. Over time, our system will help encourage EV adoption through community acceptance & benefits.


Quick change-outs

Repairs to faulty charge points are undertaken off site and can be replaced within 15-20 minutes, minimising any down time.

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